Anti Craving Aid

Most quitter suffer strong craving for nicotine after quitting, therefor we present different aid to chose from. We advice people to combine two or more products, so one can achieve the best result, regardless how strong or severe the craving are.
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    Dr Kimo's Nasal Herbs

    One of the main natural aids to relieve quit smoking symptoms. This helps to reduce the desire of smoking, smoothing abstinent symptom, and removing nicotine quickly from the body.

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    This aid included as well in the following kits:

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    Anti Nicotine Spray

    This is a very essential natural medicine, and one of the main herbs to quit smoking. It helps to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and detox the body from quickly from nicotine, and make x-smoker less tempted to it.

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    This product included in the following kits

    • Nicotine clean Full Program