• Anti Craving Herbs

Anti Craving Herbs

23.00 $

Very useful against intense craving for nicotine under any stressful situation, especially the first few weeks after quitting.


  • Blocking the sudden urge for nicotine after quitting.
  • Preventing relapse under intense cigarette craving.
  • Replacing the positive expectation of cigarette, with quite an unpleasant and negative reaction.
  • It has long-term effect over 24 hours.

When To use it:

  • Whenever you feel intense or acute craving for cigarette after quit smoking.
  • And Before attending any social or stressful activity, like a party,  meeting or any activity in presence of other smoker.

For stronger effect: 

We advice to use it in combination with “ – Anti Nicotine Spray “ and “Anti Craving Cigarette“, this combination will give you the best results and remove any sudden craving instantly.


  • Package included 2 Units of “ Anti Craving Herbs Anti Craving Herbs ”, enough for few weeks or 12 treatments.
  • Most quitter uses proximately 2 package, during the entire quitting period.


This aid included as well in the following kits: 

– Anti-Craving kit – Quit Smoking Full Program Nicotine clean Full Program – Under Quitting Kit Under Quitting Kit

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