Anti Relapse Cigarette

6.00 $

It’s one of the most effective and genuine aid against strong craving for nicotine after quit smoking. It has immediate effects in removing any craving for cigarette, regardless how strong its.


  • Instant effect in removing the acute craving for cigarette, without taking even a single dosage of nicotine
  • Give the quitter a feeling of satisfaction like a sans of smoking, even without taking a bit of nicotine
  • And replacing the positive expectation from smoking, with quite negative and unpleasant repulsive response
  • Make the craving for cigarette feeding out very quickly.
  • Keep the quitter confident and in full control, over their quitting decision.

When to use it:

  • To be used after quitting.
  • Under any stressful situation.
  • Or whenever you feels strong craving for cigarette.

For stronger effect:

We advise to use it in combination with “ Anti nicotine spray “ and “ Anti craving herbs Anti Craving Herbs “ this combination will amplify the unpleasant effect and remove any sudden craving for cigarette instantly.



  • Package included 2 units of “ – Anti Relapse Cigarette ” each enough for few days
  • Most of the quitters use approximately 2 to 3 packages during the whole quitting process.

This aid included as well in the following kits:

– Anti Craving Kit
– Quit Smoking Full Program Nicotine clean Full Program
– Under Quitting Kit Under Quitting Kit

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