• De Toxic Tea

Detox Tea

11.00 $

A collection of high quality herbs, helpful against stress, sleeping problems and to cleanse the body quickly from toxins after quit smoking.

  • Improving sleeping condition.
  • Relaxes and reduces stress.
  • Cleanses the body from nicotine and toxins

When to use:

  • Start to use it directly after quitting.
  • And before sleeping, for those who have sleeping problems.
  • Or whenever one feels stressed out after quitting.

For stronger effect:

We advice to use it in combination with “ – Anti Craving Herbs Anti Craving Herbs – “ – Theta Frequents Theta Frequents Anti-Stress CD ” Anti Stress CD“ this combination will give you the best effect in refreshing and improving concentration instantly.


Package is enough to make minimum 15 tea cups.


This aid Included in the following kits:

– Quit Smoking Full Program Nicotine clean Full Program
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