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Quitting smoking is a life-changing decision, so do it the right way.


Anti-Nicotin Spray


Spray against smoking craving is one of the main medicines, and is a very important product with effective action against nicotine craving. It is of great help in removing nicotine quickly from the body, especially in the first 3 weeks of quitting smoking.


This natural medicine is a very important product for quitting smoking, and helps to:

  • Reduce withdrawal symptoms

  • Quickly and effectively remove nicotine from the body

  • Decrease the craving for cigarettes during quitting

  • Make the taste and smell of cigarettes very unpleasant.

 The Medications Will Help You With:

It can be used during the first 3 days before quitting smoking And for a long time after, when there is a strong acute need for nicotine or cigarettes after quitting smoking.

We recommend using it in combination with a remedy against smoking temptations and/or with Anti-relapse cigarette. This combination reinforces the effect, giving immediate results regardless of how strong the nicotine craving is.

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