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Heavy smokers become completely nicotine-free

The last seven worst heavy smokers in the administration of the Norwegian Transport Workers' Association have quit smoking together on a course organized by Dr. Kimo Klinikken. Here are six of them. During nine months after quitting smoking, no one has shown any sign of cracking


Quit smoking and remain totally and completely nicotine-free

There are no easy miracle cures for smoking. But there is a cure that is so effective that over 84% quit smoking and really remain smoke-free over one year after quitting. The financial, health and social benefits for both employees and companies are enormous.


​Norwegian Nikotin-free method by far is the best!

Smokers keen to give up smoking can now try a Norwegian quit-smoking method with the highest success rate officially recorded. An independent US survey suggests that the Dr. Kimo Concept, developed by Norwegian doctor Kimo Karkash, has more than a 90 percent success rate.

With Dr. Kimo's Aid you can conquer your doubts and finally become smoke-free

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My wife is cheerful and the boss treated me to cakes and pretzels after I quit, Arnesen says happily.

I have smoked for 40. in the last years up to 70 a day. now I've been smoke-free for over a year, says Bjørn Arnesen (62}. He is one of many who have been cured through Doctor Kimo's medical scheme "VG Avis" - PDF (Original article) ​

At the Kimo clinic, nine out of ten course participants are smoke-free after the course "Food & health" Magazine

The secret is the use of herbs and long-term follow-up, a holistic strategy that affects both the physical, psychological and social aspects of smoking cessation. me Dr. Kimo nicotine-free method you don't have to break old habits such as drinking coffee, alcohol or being with other smokers. Mat&Helse


All have regained their sense of smell and are completely nicotine-free "Stavanger Aftenblad"

In September, none of the participants on a smoking cessation course wanted to be photographed when Aftenbladet came to visit. They had no faith in results, nor faith that it would go well, and feared bullying after the first crack. Three months later, everyone has regained their sense of smell and is completely nicotine-free. Smoking cessation-Stavanger Aftenblader PDF (Original article)

The secrets behind the program's success are threefold: New this week - Ålesund bladet

The Dr. Kimo clinic has been very successful with its smoking cessation program. The secrets behind the program are threefold: Herbs help to reduce withdrawal, nicotine cravings and sweet hunger, changing your mindset (cognitive therapy) help to keep the right focus, and a balanced diet and exercise help to keep the weight from increasing. Ålesund – NyttiUka Bladet. Ålesund-PDF (Original article)

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Only natural remedies that make people nicotine-free "We men Bladet"

People try everything from group therapy to hypnosis to quit smoking. The Dr. Kimo clinic in Oslo uses only natural medicines, which overcome nicotine cravings to make people nicotine-free and not just smoke-free. The results of smoke-free courses are sensational Vi Meen - PDF (Original article)

After 2 months I had saved - around NOK 6,920 - I almost felt like a world champion.

The most surprising thing was that the withdrawals did not occur as I have experienced in previous attempts to quit smoking, such as cravings, hot flushes, tantrums, crying, uncontrolled sweet cravings, night walking and slight confusion/concentration problems.  "Medium bladet"- PDF (Original article)

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Of 34 course participants, 32 are still smoke-free one year after the course - Laagendalsposten Bladet

I had perhaps hoped that 50 percent would be able to stop smoking, but that everyone would still be smoke-free a year after they have stopped smoking is incredibly good. This means that out of 34-course participants, 32 are smoke-free after one year. This has exceeded all expectations, smiles a satisfied personnel manager Svein Kofstadmoen at Kongsberg Automotive. Orginal artikler Laalgenbladet

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