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Quit Smoking
"Do it your selv" Kit


Dr. Kimo's Quit smoking "Home Package" is a comprehensive treatment program where one quit smoking after 3 days, but the treatment will continue over 2 months after quitting.
The package includes all the necessary medication and aids that smokers need throughout the entire quitting smoking process.


Dr. Kimo's quit smoking "home package" contains all nesesery aid, products and tips that smokers need throughout the entire quit period, under quitting and long after one has quit smoking.

The package also includes on consultation and a complete program, where one stop smoking after 3 days, but the treatment will continue 

over 2 months after one has quit and until one is fully nicotine-free.

The Medications Will Help You With:

Reducing withdrawal symptoms and decreasing the desire to smoke. Resisting smoking temptations and nicotine cravings.
Quickly cleansing the body of nicotine. Preventing the possibility of relapse
The treatment takes into account the following phases:

  1. Phase 1: The first week under quitting

  2. Phase 2: The first 2 weeks after quitting

  3. Phase 3:The first 2 months after quitting

  4. Face 4: Maintain fully Nicotin free

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Quitting smoking "The Home Kit"

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