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"En guide til en vellykket røykeslutt"

  • What is the best time to quit smoking?
    Let's admit that we have been waiting for many years to find the perfect time or the right situation, despite the passage of many years, yet we're still here! Therefore, just set the target day to quit smoking and stick to it. Regardless, we recommend not using the holiday season to quit, because when you are back to your normal life, you may face many challenges strongly associated with nicotine and friends, and you must go through them after quitting to break this association. In this way, you are stressing yourself during the holiday, but you will also become even more stressed when you come back, making it very difficult to stay nicotine-free. So be very careful with this point. Be prepared and well-equipped with aids, medicine, and strategies to handle any challenging situations. You need to know what you're going through and how to handle the different challenges in any situation. But remember again and again: "not a single drag or any nicotine replacement" after quitting. This point must be a central point, regardless of the challenges, excuses, or situations you face. If you need help, please contact us as soon as possible and we look forward to helping you as best we can.
  • What is the best way to quit smoking and maintain nicotine-free?"
    One must be well-prepared and equipped with understanding, tools, and medication to overcome any challenges during this process. Additionally, one must consider the four stages of nicotine cessation: Step 1: Preparation to quit (from one week to 2 weeks before quitting) Step 2: The first three weeks during and after quitting (3 weeks) Step 3: The first three months after quitting (3 months) Step 4: And finally, how to maintain full and complete nicotine-free for the rest of your life. Each stage has its own symptoms and needs, and they are very straightforward when understood. It must be understood that quitting smoking addiction is a unique "All or Nothing" process. Like pregnancy, you are either pregnant or not. If you have taken a drag after quitting, it can easily lead to a full relapse before you realize it. Most relapses happen due to a small mistake where one feels so confident and safe after a while that they believe they have full control over their habits, and if they take a puff or some nicotine, it won't cause any problems! This is the biggest mistake one can make after quitting and can easily be avoided with a better understanding of the nature of nicotine addiction. Therefore, one must respect "No to a single drag" as a focal point after quitting.
  • How nicotine affects the heart and blood circulation?
    The video shows how smoking can impact the heart and cardiovascular system.
  • How can you help others to quit smoking?
    First rule: Stop nagging them all the time about the problem. Give them the respect of doing it themselves, and don't take the decision away from them. Show them understanding, and recognize the challenges they face throughout the process. Don't constantly ask how they are doing. Just support and encourage them, but don't overdo it. Don't be negative or burden them with guilt in case of relapse, you must encourage them and let them feel proud of what they have achieved this time, and that they will do much better next time.
  • Help a family smoker to stop smoking
    Help a family smoker to stop smoking
  • How difficult it is really to quit smoking?
    Please check the following video
  • How can withdrawal symptoms be alleviated for those who have already quit smoking?
    There are many different reasons that can trigger a craving for cigarettes, both physiological and psychological, and it's very hard to distinguish between the two. However, when you feel a craving, we advise you to immediately change the activity you are engaged in, and use of (1)"Anti-Relapse cigarette" as it is a very effective tool against sudden cravings. Additionally, the (2) "Smoking-temptations Treatment" or the use of a(3) "Nicotine stabilizer" can also provide an immediate and effective response against cravings. 1 2 3

Har du noe spørsmål, ikke nøl med å spørre, og vi vil gjøre vårt beste for å gi deg et raskt svar.

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