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Quitting smoking is a life-changing decision, so make the best out of it..

Quit Smoking
"Start kit"



Start din røykeslutt-reise med Dr. Kimos minisett | Røykeslutt hjelp

Smoking Temptation Package: A highly effective natural medicine package against nicotine cravings and acute cigarette cravings. It contains an effective collection of several aids, which have a great impact on the withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking.


"This set is very useful for those who want to quit smoking, as well as for those who have quit but need extra support to stay smoke-free.

The package contains natural medicine that can be of great help during strong temptations or acute nicotine cravings throughout the quitting smoking process."


  1. One of the products is the "Anti Nicotine Spray" which helps against the desire for nicotine during quitting smoking.

  2. Another product is the "Dr. Kim's Anti Craving Cigarette" against relapse, which has an incredible effect in controlling nicotine cravings that won't go away, it also helps ex-smokers have better control over temptations after quitting smoking.

  3. The set also contains several other aids, which are of great help, especially the first few weeks during quitting smoking.

The Medications Will Help You With:

The aids in this package have a powerful effect and a noticeable immediate impact by:

Removing the cravings for nicotine and reducing the desire to smoke. Relieving withdrawal symptoms from quitting smoking. Providing a sense of great security for those who want to quit. Significantly reducing nicotine cravings when quitting smoking.

When You have the will to quit smoking,
We have the aid and the selution to help you.
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