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Quitting smoking is a life-changing decision, so do it the right way.




Anti-relapse cigarette, one of the main aids after quitting smoking.

It is a highly effective remedy against acute smoking temptations after quitting smoking and has an immediate effect by removing any craving for cigarettes, regardless of how strong the desire for smoke is.


Anti-relapse cigarette

It has a significant effect in removing the desire for nicotine and immediately stops the craving for smoke. It gives ex-smokers the immediate feeling of full control, as if they have smoked several cigarettes, but without taking a single puff or adding any nicotine to the body. It is also a highly effective tool for replacing positive attitudes towards cigarettes with very negative and unpleasant aversion responses.

More info:

Anti-relapse cigarette: It should be used after quitting smoking and only in case of strong temptation to smoke or during stressful situations after quitting smoking.

For stronger effect: We recommend that you use it in combination with Anti-Nicotine Spray and/or Anti-Craving Aid. This combination will enhance the unpleasant effect and immediately remove any acute desire for cigarettes.

Usage: (Please follow the instructions which will be sent to your email after ordering the products. There will be a video and instructions for each aid on how, why and when to use it).

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