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Quitting smoking is a life-changing decision, so do it the right way.


Fresh pen- "Consentration aid"


Extra supplements, quite useful against nicotine cravings and when you are alone or with other smokers, especially in the first weeks after quitting smoking.


The refreshment and concentration enhancer has the following effects:

  • It activates the sense of smell and has a fresh and pleasant fragrance that reduces the desire for nicotine.

  • Improves focus and concentration after quitting smoking.

  • Cleans the airways and reduces coughing.

  • Eliminates the craving for nicotine.

  • Easy to carry in different social situations.

The Medications Will Help You With:

  • To be used after quitting smoking, for example while driving, writing, relaxing, etc. Or when participating in a meeting or activities where you need higher attention, especially in the first weeks after quitting smoking.

  • Due to its pleasant effect, many continue to use it long after they have quit smoking. For stronger effect: We recommend using it in combination with Anti Nicotine Spray and/or Remedy against smoking temptations. This combination gives you the best effect and better concentration immediately.

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